Energy Healing and Sanskrit Chant -  Caprina Brown
What to expect during a session?
My commitment to you:
  • Offer my presence and unconditional acceptance.
  • Listen without judgment and with my whole being.
  • Use my skills with precision and intergrity.
  • Relate to your core essence, not only the personality.
  • Have a full willingness to be with the unknown.
  • All healing comes from within the client who is powerful, whole, and capable of accessing what they need from within; I do not fix, but rather facilitate.
  • Surrender to the universal wisdom and flow of life in the client and myself, letting go of attachment to results.
Healing office A healing session begins with a time for connection and deep listening. Clients are asked to complete intake and consent forms prior to the session. Why you have come and your goals for the session are discussed. We will explore your health history and other areas of your life that are affecting your well being. Then, you lie fully clothed on a massage table covered with a light blanket. An assessment of your energy field is performed using high sense perception, a pendulum and/or my hands. I then proceed to apply the specific techniques and subtle energy that is needed to balance your system. These are specific healing techniques for each level of the human energy field. I begin at the feet using light touch on and off the body moving up the body to the head. I then move to the areas in need of more specific attention and apply various skills appropriate for you at that time. This will be unique for each person.
Throughout the entire healing I am present and listening to your energy system and  your body's response moment by moment and adjusting the healing very specifically for you. I use high sense perception and receive guidance. I am also tracking and aware of my own energy system, running it in a very coherent and balanced way for the clear transmission of universal energy. This is important because healers that are unaware of their own energy and psycho dynamics can deplete the client or distort the client's field to the healer's own unhealthy patterns. My sessions are extremely precise which makes them very effective. Each session is unique and tailored to you as a whole person of body, mind and spirit. They are gentle, non-invasive and always under the client's control.
Everyone experiences a healing differently. Clients report a wide spectrum of experiences: feeling very relaxed and peaceful, falling asleep, sensations of energy moving, feeling nothing at all, seeing colors or vivid images, emotional release, memories surfacing, insight into the initiating cause of their emotional or physical distress, loving communication with relatives, trauma release without re-wounding, spiritual experiences. You will have your own experience. When the session is complete there is time to rest on the table to integrate. We do not discuss the session immediately after the healing because this engages the linear mind and can take you out of the healing state before the natural timing for this. I keep a record of my findings and what happened during the session. Write down your questions/impressions and we can discuss the healing at a later time.