Energy Healing and Sanskrit Chant -  Caprina Brown
Human Energy Consciousness System
The body, the mind and the emotions are comprised of consciousness and energy. The knowledge of this subtle energy has existed for thousands of years, called Qi by martial artists and Prana by yogis. Science is now confirming that at our most fundamental, we are energy and consciousness, and that this is the central organizing force of our bodies and our lives.  Also called the aura or human energy field, it is a detailed and complex field of energy that surrounds and interpenetrates the physical body. The physical body is governed by this field, and all systems of the body including organs and glands are supplied life energy through it.  As we now know mind and body are not separate, the energy field is the vehicle, for the mind-body connection. It is the subtle aspect of ourselves that holds our thoughts, feelings, mental processes, relational patterns, beliefs, higher will, higher mind, and spiritual feelings.
This means that the habitual ways we run our energy system through our habitual thoughts, feelings, and defense patterns become crystallized in the body. Disease appears in the energy field first, often years before manifesting in the body, which means the energy field can be gently guided into balance and repaired in order to help prevent illness and to heal. Brennan Healing Science Practitioners can perceive and work with the energy field with great specificity and precision.