Energy Healing and Sanskrit Chant -  Caprina Brown
How many sessions will I need?
Clients always determine the pace and number of sessions. There is never any obligation to continue. Sometimes results are immediate, while other times they are gradual with each session building upon the next. It is generally suggested to begin with three sessions to experience the transformative healing power of this work. Usually the client strongly feels the healing effects for about three days, then their energy system will begin to resume its habitual distortion to a certain extent. With each succeeding healing session, the energy field regains more and more of its healthy pattern.
Gradually the old habits of distortion are dissolved. As your energy field clears, balances, and becomes healthier, you change, feeling more fulfilled, more of yourself. Time is needed between sessions to integrate this change. This is completely individual.
In some cases, a specific protocol may be suggested. For example, it is suggested that the spacing of healing sessions for cancer patients receiving chemo therapy and radiation be at least weekly and always after a treatment.
Who May Benefit from a Session?
People of all stages of health and dis-ease may benefit from Brennan Healing sessions. They come for support in regaining and enhancing their physical, emotional and mental wellness, relationship healing, support during the grieving process, personal and spiritual development, trauma release, and as a part of an integrated wellness plan to manage stress and chronic disease, and to create optimum health.
The ethics of the energy healing profession have come from the therapy profession. Brennan Healing Science practitioners make ethical choices about who they will take as a client and how to work with clients in non-ordinary states of consciousness. They often discuss their client interactions with a professional supervisor.
What else?
I am not a medical doctor or psychotherapist, therefore I do not diagnose or prescribe treatment. I do not recommend that you stop taking or change any of your medications. In the case of serious illness I will not work with you unless you are also under the care of a physician. I am not a medical intuitive and do not give readings; I am simply not allowed to diagnose. I will be honest with you and tell you if I do not think working with me will benefit you, and I will refer you to someone whom I think can help.