Energy Healing and Sanskrit Chant -  Caprina Brown
Hara HealingBrennan Healing Science  is a highly specialized, hands-on energy healing modality that combines both ancient and modern healing arts with quantum physics, spirituality and authentic presence.  It was developed by Barbara Brennan, a physicist, author, and one of the world's most recognized experts in the field of energy healing. It is taught exclusively at the Barbara Brennan School of Healing, the only four year college of energy healing and personal transformation licensed by the state of Florida to grant a Bachelor of Science degree.  This is a gentle, yet profound healing system that is based on the Human Energy Consciousness System and its relationship to health and disease.
Heart chakra restructuringBrennan Healing Science Sessions are complete in themselves and also compliment traditional medical care, psychotherapy, and other approaches to health and healing. They work through the human energy system to support and stimulate the self-healing processes of the body, emotions, mind and spirit.  Often in a attempt to avoid pain, we create more suffering for ourselves.  BHS gently touches and releases energetic and cellular memory of our conditioned response to life, opening up new space and possibility for rewiring our habitual reactions and embodying our authentic selves.  It is a truly holistic therapy that touches all aspects of a person's life.
Brain BalancingBecause BHS integrates hands-on healing skills with the client's personal process and life experiences which cause energy imbalance and unhealthy patterns, it allows for lasting healing and change.
While conventional medicine diagnoses and treats symptoms, Brennan Healing Science sessions clear, charge, balance and repair the multiple levels of the subtle energy system where the issue is held, getting to the deeper cause of physical and emotional imbalance and disease states.  Without addressing the root cause, healing is incomplete and often a new symptom or dis-ease is created.  Both systems of healing compliment each other.
pendulum readings of energy centers
Brennan Healing Science Practitioners have over 2,000 hours of intensive training and facilitate healing of many disease conditions, quicken recovery from surgery and trauma, reduce pain, and assist with emotional, psychological and spiritual healing. Their unique work often transforms people's lives as well as their physical condition. People often experience their work with a Brennan Healing Science Practitioner as life changing.